A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rating: 2/5.

Summary: In 1958 Landon Carter is a shallow but well-meaning teenager who spends most of his time hanging out with his friends and trying hard to ignore the impending responsibilities of adulthood. Then Landon gets roped into acting the lead in the Christmas play opposite the most renowned goody two-shoes in town: Jamie Sullivan. Against his best intentions and the taunts of his buddies, Landon finds himself falling for Jamie and learning some central lessons in life.

Review: I feel bad writing this review. But I’m going to express what I really thought about this novel.

I expected to really like A Walk to Remember. This is the first novel I’ve read by Nicholas Sparks and I thought that it would be better. Read the summary and it’s my kind of story. Only a small amount of time to spend with someone you love, it’s amazing and tragic and I adore stories like that.

Problem number one: I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel like Landon and Jamie were in love, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t. It wasn’t passionate enough for me.

Problem number two: Heaps of stuff was explained and never shown.

Problem number three: There weren’t enough major events or exciting things, even though I powered through this novel in a mere few hours, I did so because I felt like something really amazing was going to happen. It didn’t.

The beginning is so powerful, so amazing, so well written, the only thing you can do is have your hopes up high. The rest of the novel really lets down such amazing writing. It hooks you, and then deteriorates.

The characters were very well written, Landon was really realistic as far teen males go, I got a little sick of the way he explained everything though. Jamie, is sweet and nice. And just so sweet I could hardly stand it. I’ve read Nicholas’s notes on the novel and I agree, they should be innocent as they’re portrayed. But, I was hoping for a little corruption. Sometimes I felt with Jamie the only personality trait she had was her love and devotion to God.

It’s a good story about faith, starting off amazingly and slowly getting worse and more rushed. It took a long time to come into the main plot which is Jamie’s leukaemia. The way the town came together to express their sympathy is corny, but kind of beautiful.

I hate to do this, I really do. But I’m giving this novel two out of five. Too much explaining, too rushed. Not passionate enough.


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Simply_Megan said...

Have you seen the movie? I haven't seen it but everyone says they love it.

Just Listen said...

I have seen the first twenty minutes of it and remember liking it more then the book. :) I'm going to try and find a copy and watch it and compare. I'll be sure to tell you what I think.


prophecygirl said...

I wanted to read this after watching the film (which is really good), but now I'm not so sure. Is it worth a read, even though it's nowhere near as good as it should be?

I hope this doesn't put you off reading any other Nicholas Sparks books, as I've read The Notebook, and it really is brilliant!

Laina said...

The movies amazing. I haven't read any of his books, but I do own the Lucky One.

Just Listen said...

I ordered The Notebook from the library yesterday, so I'm not put off. :) I think that if you are going to read it, go in with no expectations, but I wouldn't recommend buying it. :)

Ashley said...

I really loved this book. It made me cry so hard by the end. I prefer the movie over the book though.

Thao said...

I love the book, I just don't like the way Jamie was portrayed, she's too good to be true.

super blogger said...

Love to read this book, again and again. The adaptation in film sometimes make me cry. Hehe..

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Anonymous said...

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raymond said...

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors and this book managed to exceed my expectations. Whilst expecting a normal, run of the mill romance, I was instead left with a book that is full to the brim with sheer and pure emotion, highlighting the innocence of young love.

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