New Look!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I thought that my blog needed a make-over and look what the awesome Kelsey did! LOOK! How pretty is it? We went through I think two before we found this one. I think I stressed Kelsey out to the max, but look what we got in the end! Thank-you Kelsey!

When the new template went up, I lost all of my widgets, so I don't have my blog list anymore. If you were on my blog list could you please comment so that I can re add you?

Don't forget to check out the AYA this week. We're focusing on Arrival by Charlotte McConaghy. An absoloutely awesome novel that I recommend to all of you. There will be an interview with Charlotte up on AYA later this week, so stay tuned. Want to know more about Arrival? Check out Black Dog Books and, well the AYA this week.


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LisaMay said...

Lovely new layout! :) Only 2 hours until the interview!!

Bostan natsuko said...

I love it! i love the whole dark brown and light blue contrast.

Alexa said...

It's gorgeous.

How are you enjoying Evernight? I raced through it.

Kelsey said...

Ah, Allie, you didn't stress me! It was super fun!

You know of course that I love it!

Just Listen said...

Alexa -- I started it yesterday and am a fair way through it. I'm not sure how exactly I feel about it yet, but it keeping me hooked. :)

Laina said...

I think I was on your blog list, lol.

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